As a seasoned and experienced Placenta Encapsulation Specialist of almost 10 years, Chelsea is full of knowledge to share about this work and how to turn your dream into a reality. This workshop is fun, interactive, and full of great information!

Learn about placenta anatomy, the different methods of Placenta Encapsulation, safe consumption, marketing and more

Placenta Encapsulation Training

Part One - The Placenta

  • Placenta Anatomy
  • Variations of Normal
  • Terminology and definitions
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and the history of the placenta
  • The placenta’s role
  • When NOT to encapsulate

Part Two - Your Placenta Encapsulation Client

  • The importance of having a solid contract
  • Hospital release of placenta
  • Immediate postpartum support
  • DISC and understanding your client’s personality
  • Client intake form, FAQ, and packing list

Part Three - The Encapsulation Process

  • The difference between the TCM Method and the Raw Method
  • Risks and benefits of each method
  • CDC recommendations and Group B Strep
  • Meconium and the placenta
  • Supplies for encapsulation
  • Preparing a sanitary work space step by step
  • Biologix BloodeBorne Pathogen Training
  • Food Safety Training
  • Cleaning, draining, and steaming the placenta
  • Dehydrating the placenta
  • Grinding and encapsulating the dehydrated placenta
  • Making a placenta tincture
  • Sanitizing used supplies and workspace
  • Placenta art/print, umbilical cord, and other keepsakes

Part Four - Placenta Consumption

  • Guidelines for consumption
  • Potential side effects and how to adjust dosage
  • Unusual circumstances
  • When to stop taking capsules

Part Five - The Professional Doula

  • How to establish a target market
  • Creating your brand
  • Networking with perinatal providers
  • Insurance, taxes, and other backend business practices
  • Doula self care
  • Contracts, intake forms, and liability

The following key topics will be included in the Placenta Encapsulation Training:

Placenta Encapsulation Training


Upcoming Trainings

Workshops are 18 hours total over the course of a weekend.

Current schedule:

4/15 9am-5pm &
4/16 9am-5pm
 Lexington, NC

Cost: $300


So what happens after you complete the training? Great question! We will email you with a list of tasks to complete. You'll have 18 months to finish each task and complete your certification. Join our group on Facebook to receive ongoing support and mentorship as you navigate the certification process. We're here for you! The tasks required are as follows: 

Click the Facebook icon to join our Facebook group for trainees and receive ongoing support and guidance as you navigate the certification process. We are here for you!

  • Become Bloode-borne Pathogen Certified & ServSafe Certified
  • Complete the open book Certification Exam
  • Encapsulate 3 placentas and complete evaluation forms
  • Read "The Birth Partner" by Penny Simkin 

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